The Silver Platter -Danny Gottwein and the Robbers of the Welfare State

So how did we get here?
The Historian, Prof. Danny Gottwein offers an alternative way of looking at the economic History of Israel.
Why did both, the right and the left wing parties adopt the neo-liberal ideologies and together destroyed the welfare state.
How did dividing society up into competitive segments and creating the settlers group help this vision?

“The Silver Platter” is a three part documentary series exploring the Israeli political economy, created by Doron Tzabari and Amir Ben-David.
It was aired first on October 26th, 2015 and created an instant sensation.
During its first month of existence it was downloaded and watched by a million and a half Israelis.
According to Bloomberg News one out of eight Israelis watched the series.
It ranged at the top of the most searched topics on Google-Israel and was the most spoken about subject on Israeli Social Media in 2015