The Settlements and the Relationship between Privatization and the Occupation

ההתנחלויות והיחס בין הכיבוש להפרטה

Published in Normalizing Occupation, The Politics of Everyday Life in the West Bank Settlements, Edited by Ariel Handel, Marco Allegra, and Erez Maggor. 2007

The settlements are the meeting point and the culmination of two major processes that have shaped the character of Israeli society in the past four decades: neoliberal privatization and the perpetuation of the occupation. The underlying interdependence of privatization and occupation has comprised the political logic of the Israeli Right and informed its hegemony. The gradual liquidation of the Israeli welfare state and the commodification of its services have expanded economic inequality in Israel and exacerbated its damaging social ramifications that have disproportionately affected Israel’s lower classes. These same lower classes served as the political power base of Israel’s political Right. In order to counterbalance the detrimental effects of privatization and protect its constituents, the Right
has developed a series of compensatory mechanisms that supplied partial substitutes to the commodified services that they could not afford. One of these compensatory mechanisms has been ..the settlements project in the Occupied Territories.

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